About the State Transportation Commission

The Pennsylvania State Transportation Commission (STC) was established by PA State Law, Act 120 of 1970, which also created the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT).

The STC determines and evaluates the condition and performance of Pennsylvania’s transportation system in order to effectively assess the resources required to preserve, restore, extend and expand transportation facilities and services. The STC is also actively focused on the conservation of Pennsylvania’s communities and economic development. In addition, State Law requires PennDOT to prepare an update to Pennsylvania’s 12-Year Transportation Program every two years for submission to the STC. The Transportation Program must be multimodal and fiscally-constrained.

A key component of the 12-Year Transportation Program (TYP) update process is public involvement. The STC actively seeks input from the public during this transportation planning process as well as throughout each calendar year. Opportunities to share your feedback with the STC include:

  1. STC Quarterly meetings, and
  2. An open public comment period. The open public comment period for the 2021 TYP Update was held from March 11 through April 26, 2019. To learn more about the comment period, visit our Public Outreach page.

Our members

Honorable Yassmin Gramian, P.E.
Secretary of Transportation
Honorable George M. Khoury, III, P.E.
Resident Centre Co.

Honorable Tim Hennessey
Pa House of Rep.
Majority Chair of
House Trans. Comm.
Alt: Josiah Shelly
Honorable Kim Ward
Senate of Pennsylvania
Majority Chair of Senate
Transportation Comm.
Alt: Nolan R. Ritchie
Honorable Mike Carroll
Pa House of Rep.
Minority Chair of House
Transportation Comm.
Alt: Meredith Biggica
Honorable John P. Sabatina Jr.
Senate of Pennsylvania
Minority Chair of Senate
Transportation Comm.
Alt: Jason Gerard

Honorable Sharon L. Knoll
Resident Erie Co.
Ron DrnevichHonorable Ronald Drnevich
Resident Dauphin Co.
Honorable James Kingsborough
Resident Cumberland Co.
Honorable Frank Paczewski
Resident Luzerne Co.
Honorable Paige Willan
Resident Philadelphia Co.
Honorable Chad Amond
Resident Westmoreland Co.