Transportation Advisory Committee

The Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), which serves as the advisory committee to the State Transportation Commission, has conducted several independent studies related to transportation. The STC provides the final review and approval for each of these independent studies.

Transportation Performance Reports

Independent Studies

Annual Reports

TAC Annual Reports

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The reports listed above are available online in PDF format. To request a different format, please contact us at or 717-783-2262.

Recent Studies

Truck Weight Exemptions Report

August 13, 2020

What impacts have two decades of overweight truck permitting made on Pennsylvania’s state and local infrastructure, economy, and safety? The TAC developed an initial policy impact study to answer that question.

Read the Truck Weight Exemptions Report

Keystone Connected: Intercity Passenger Rail Success Factors

February 21, 2019

What does it take to make intercity passenger rail feasible? The TAC aimed to answer that question in their 2019 intercity passenger rail report.

Read the intercity passenger rail study

Risks to Transportation Funding in PA

February 21, 2019

Pennsylvania’s transportation needs significantly exceed projected funding, and additional cost pressures further strain resources. The TAC considered the significant risks to transportation funding and estimated their impacts in their 2019 funding risk study.

Read the funding risk study