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PennDOT’s Center for Program Development and Management

PennDOT’s Center for Program Development and Management (Program Center) is responsible for developing, managing and updating the Commonwealth’s 12-Year Program for highways and bridges, mass transit systems, airports and rail freight. The Program Center also coordinates with county and regional agencies on transportation long range planning and short range programming (Transportation Improvement Program/Statewide Transportation Improvement Program) issues.

The Program Center is organized under PennDOT’s Office of Planning, directed by Deputy Secretary Larry S. Shifflet.

Deputy Secretary
Larry S. Shifflet

Bureau Director
Brian D. Hare, P.E.

Transportation Planning
Mark Tobin

12-Year Program
Jessica Clark

Executive Secretary
Karen Heath

Public Outreach Process
Terry Pinder
Meeting Coordination
Abdoul Ahmed Saidou

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To report an immediate state-owned road condition or concern, please call 1-800-FIX-ROAD or submit your concern online at the customer care center.