12-Year Program

The STC is responsible for reviewing and approving Pennsylvania’s 12-Year Program (TYP), which is the Commonwealth’s official transportation program. The TYP is a multimodal, fiscally-constrained program of transportation improvements spanning a 12-year period. Multimodal means that the TYP includes all travel modes, including highways, bridges, public transit, aviation, rail, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities. PA State Law, Act 120 of 1970, as amended, requires PennDOT to prepare, update and submit Pennsylvania’s TYP every two years to the STC. It is then sent to the Governor, the General Assembly and the Secretary of Transportation.

Learn more about the 2021 TYP

The TYP includes all modes of transportation with major investments in aviation and rail. The TYP includes aviation projects to improve safety, operations, and upgrade facilities. Review the current aviation plans.

In addition to aviation investments, the TYP incorporates rail freight projects through the Rail Freight Assistance Program (RFAP). Review the current rail projects.